Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


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    REACT   6 days back

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    • Bryn ʌʌʇ
      Bryn ʌʌʇ  2 hours back

      REACT I just wish I was their

    • Vexzify Xbl
      Vexzify Xbl  2 hours back

      Adrianna Rodriguez I thought it was a image of ninja in the top right. He’s literally a statue

    • Dead on one eye
      Dead on one eye  9 hours back

      When will you put apex on here?

    • Kingendary Gamer
      Kingendary Gamer  1 days back

      Who am I?

    • iiolwaysanksii
      iiolwaysanksii  2 days back

      You did season 1 and 2 for attack on Titan. Season 3 is over now, please react to it.

  • Rhanzier
    Rhanzier  7 minutes back

    technoblade vs gamers

    • ang More
      ang More  7 minutes back

      Tom : it almost like I wasn't even controlling the mouse

      Ninja : always feels like it wasn't even controlling the mouse

      Tfue comes in tfue: like I wasn't even control in the mouse

      clix comes in clix: wasn't even control in the mouse.

      Symfuhny Comes in

    • Kenny Nguyen
      Kenny Nguyen  9 minutes back

      Are we not going to talk about the amazing headshot that the girl got?

      • Emmanuel Abbey
        Emmanuel Abbey  16 minutes back


        • Mr. Mario624
          Mr. Mario624  16 minutes back

          Ninjas hair has me dead😂😂

        • EmmettIsPro
          EmmettIsPro  20 minutes back

          I wish they set up another pro behind the react players to troll ninja

          • Jan Dongon
            Jan Dongon  22 minutes back

            Lets go SHROUD NEXT VIDEO

            • Nashren Nasarodin
              Nashren Nasarodin  23 minutes back

              seriously ninja????euwwwww..just came to comment..not even watch the video..

              • sad lonely kermit
                sad lonely kermit  25 minutes back

                Ninja is still relevant?

                • Gamer George
                  Gamer George  6 minutes back

                  If hes irrelevant then what are you?

              • taeneege
                taeneege  27 minutes back

                i lost it when she said “no yEah PICK ME UP”

                • Luzane Kuchenbrod
                  Luzane Kuchenbrod  32 minutes back

                  People before they saw ninja say this wasn’t his regular mouse and keyboard:WOW WHAT A BOT
                  After they see him say it: oh

                  • Haven
                    Haven  34 minutes back

                    Fortnites dead

                  • Leo Ruiz
                    Leo Ruiz  37 minutes back

                    That girl mad thicc

                    • Aaron Rimocal
                      Aaron Rimocal  37 minutes back

                      Thought ninja doesn’t play with women???

                      • أتومكاني Atomicany
                        أتومكاني Atomicany  44 minutes back

                        The overlay is superrrr confusing

                        • Dongsaeng Jon
                          Dongsaeng Jon  45 minutes back

                          SHROUD ALSO! PLEASEEEEE!!!

                        • ink bendy Minthorn
                          ink bendy Minthorn  49 minutes back


                          • Rod Haro
                            Rod Haro  51 minutes back

                            Only People That Remember Anarchy Achers Can Like.

                            • Kasandra Alvarez
                              Kasandra Alvarez  52 minutes back

                              Best video yet

                              • Neeraj Rajput
                                Neeraj Rajput  58 minutes back

                                Get shroud

                                • Fate Btw
                                  Fate Btw  58 minutes back

                                  Ninja is a bot

                                  • Derich Ip
                                    Derich Ip  1 hours back

                                    Ninja was on FBE?

                                    • SamuelPiece
                                      SamuelPiece  31 minutes back

                                      Derich Ip No. That’s just a guy who looks a lot like him

                                  • pbblord 123
                                    pbblord 123  1 hours back

                                    No one: ...
                                    Literally no one : ....
                                    Ninja: so basically i am only bad cuz this is such a poor set up.

                                    • AY_J1
                                      AY_J1  1 hours back


                                      • Chaffin’s Challenges
                                        Chaffin’s Challenges  1 hours back

                                        This video is such trash it is so unbelievable 1 like = 1 prayer that he never comes back on the channel and they never play Fortnite again

                                        • liam petersen
                                          liam petersen  58 minutes back

                                          Wow so flipping toxic

                                        • ozen
                                          ozen  1 hours back

                                          How about I don't?

                                      • spolajuh moolajuh
                                        spolajuh moolajuh  1 hours back


                                        • 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE
                                          1962 Ferrari 250 GTE  1 hours back

                                          Wow they got the Blev

                                          • Slayx
                                            Slayx  1 hours back

                                            damn i thought he died of ligma

                                            • Sun x
                                              Sun x  1 hours back

                                              Slayx He got rebooted

                                          • Shadow
                                            Shadow  1 hours back

                                            Get shroud 😂

                                            • Mad Kido
                                              Mad Kido  1 hours back

                                              why not mongral or mr beast ?

                                              • SkyBlueDude YT
                                                SkyBlueDude YT  2 hours back

                                                That kid looks like NikTac

                                                • TheSecret1
                                                  TheSecret1  2 hours back

                                                  Ninja didn’t get enough sleep today huh😂

                                                  • Dim khup
                                                    Dim khup  2 hours back

                                                    The looks of Tyler’s hair seems to be the reason why he has ligma.

                                                    • Hype
                                                      Hype  2 hours back


                                                      • Jaime Colocho
                                                        Jaime Colocho  2 hours back

                                                        Uhm... ew

                                                        • Holden Kajfasz
                                                          Holden Kajfasz  2 hours back

                                                          Is ninja dead?

                                                          • King Brazy1680
                                                            King Brazy1680  2 hours back

                                                            This was made on my bday nice

                                                            • ozen
                                                              ozen  2 hours back

                                                              I'm kinda worried about Ninja, he doesn't look happy or healthy at all.

                                                              • ozen
                                                                ozen  55 minutes back

                                                                @abby Ninja is braver than US Marines. 😔😔😔😔😔😔

                                                              • abby
                                                                abby  1 hours back

                                                                he plays Fortnite for living of course he doesn’t look healthy

                                                            • Tanner Morgan
                                                              Tanner Morgan  2 hours back

                                                              I hate ninjas hair color in this video

                                                            • Zebxei
                                                              Zebxei  2 hours back

                                                              I literally do not know what's going on

                                                            • Gwubzz
                                                              Gwubzz  2 hours back

                                                              Ninja literally tryharding at a FBE video

                                                              • Matthew Starnes
                                                                Matthew Starnes  2 hours back

                                                                This video is a lie, I thought ninja didn’t play with girl gamers

                                                                • ozen
                                                                  ozen  2 hours back

                                                                  They're not girls, let's be real here.

                                                              • TRiKs
                                                                TRiKs  2 hours back

                                                                Ninja looks constipated this whole time

                                                                • Supersaiyanblue Gustavo Versace flops

                                                                  Hey can i be in the kids thingy

                                                                  • Sheriff
                                                                    Sheriff  2 hours back

                                                                    This title makes no sense

                                                                    • Tanner Wooten
                                                                      Tanner Wooten  2 hours back

                                                                      are we not gonna talk about how 9:07 was a pretty good shot🤷🏻‍♂️

                                                                      • Pizza god Lol
                                                                        Pizza god Lol  2 hours back

                                                                        Ninja didn’t play as well as he usually

                                                                        • MOBILE GAMING AL
                                                                          MOBILE GAMING AL  2 hours back

                                                                          Is not he's pc not he's ping the keyboard the mouse