Terry Francona talks coaching Michael Jordan, his Billy Joel autograph, more | MLB Interview


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  • TaterNoggin
    TaterNoggin  1 months back

    Awesome interview Tito!

    • 81liavin 25 - Michael Jordan Rare

      this best clip Michael Jordan, you will not regret

      • thegolfghoul
        thegolfghoul  1 months back

        He's so fuckn cool...

        • thegolfghoul
          thegolfghoul  1 months back

          Mr Freaking baseball

          • James E. Williams
            James E. Williams  1 months back

            How could you not like Terry Francona after this interview. What a great guy. Seems really down to earth.

            • Brian Park
              Brian Park  1 months back

              Miss the Chief!

              • LeeTravius Mckay
                LeeTravius Mckay  1 months back

                Had MJ not retired he would have eight rings

                • Rudie Obias
                  Rudie Obias  1 months back

                  Maybe. The Houston Rockets were legit back in the mid '90s. The Chicago Bulls didn't have an answer for Hakeem Olajuwon. I mean, even the Eastern Conference teams that did make the NBA Finals during MJ's absence, the NY Knicks and the Orlando Magic, had legit big men (Ewing and O'Neil, respectively), but still couldn't deal with Olajuwon.

              • toto17891789
                toto17891789  1 months back

                The guy who cost MJ two rings😝

                • The Rap Business
                  The Rap Business  1 months back

                  +Myself Me that was the mob.

                • Myself Me
                  Myself Me  1 months back

                  Yeah because he put a gun in Michael's head and told him "If you don't play baseball I will kill you"

                • Harvey Specter
                  Harvey Specter  1 months back


              • LeeTravius Mckay
                LeeTravius Mckay  1 months back

                He coached the goat MJ

                • Ace Giles
                  Ace Giles  1 months back

                  1st comment heck yea