2019 NFL Draft: Comparing Nick and Joey Bosa | NFL Live


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  • Omega Blood
    Omega Blood  3 weeks back

    Nick acl Nick acl bum racist and acl will go out

    • Guitars rcool
      Guitars rcool  1 months back

      Her squeaky voice drives me crazy

      • penoyer79
        penoyer79  1 months back

        "They aren't playing unless they're 100%. If it's a 1 to 12 week injury, they're taking 12 weeks." -Rex Ryan

        • p W
          p W  1 months back

          both are fkin racists facts.

          • D Me
            D Me  1 months back

            His boy Trump called black NFL players sons-of-bitches for peacefully protesting inequality. Bosa called Kap a jerk. Bosa will not be very popular in NFL locker rooms. I hope he blows out a knee, or gets knocked the fuck out in practice.

            • John Mack
              John Mack  1 months back

              San Diego should trade for him. That would be the best decision that franchise made since drafting Seau.

              • John Mack
                John Mack  1 months back

                Obviously 🙄 I don’t really care about the Chargers and am trying to sabatoge them...😂

              • Chad Justice
                Chad Justice  1 months back

                San Diego can't trade for him because they have no team, now if you mean the chargers why waste even more money on an overrated injury prone bosa. Going to be just like his brother either hurt or when he plays against a real tackle will be a non factor

              • John Mack
                John Mack  1 months back

                I know. It would be cool for the Bosa family and the LA fan of the Chargers.

              • sedric lopez
                sedric lopez  1 months back

                Lol niners are not gonna trade all the down

            • Castro Belize
              Castro Belize  1 months back

              Two kids with racist as parents who taught their sons how to be racist

              • mike jones
                mike jones  1 months back

                go back to your country, castro.

            • Milton Butler
              Milton Butler  1 months back

              Monday Tuesday Wednesday Morning I Will Watch first take With molly qerim rose stephen a smith and max kellerman Thursday And Friday Morning I Will Not Watch First Take Starring will cain And I Will Not Watch #nfldraft2019

              • Joshua Howard
                Joshua Howard  1 months back

                As a buckeye die hard Joey is better nick will be better facts

                • Xavier Duke
                  Xavier Duke  1 months back

                  Joshua Howard you guys didn’t get to see a full season of college prime Nick Bosa just wait he’ll be right there with him

              • Jamil Johnson
                Jamil Johnson  1 months back

                Nick or Joey who as the better career answer me that

              • Domterrell12
                Domterrell12  1 months back

                I think can be more of an impact player, but both will be really good for some time

                • Compton 187
                  Compton 187  1 months back

                  younger brothers aren't better than older brothers

                  • M DUB SPORTS
                    M DUB SPORTS  1 months back

                    NICK WILL BE A BUST! Once the positive test for steriods comes in he will be soft

                    • Miles K
                      Miles K  1 months back

                      Fuck nick. Joey is actually a decent human being.

                      • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

                        Bosa is a racist smh

                        • mike jones
                          mike jones  1 months back

                          so what. i'd be racist against you too with your goofy handle.

                      • Cole Lambert
                        Cole Lambert  1 months back

                        You will die tomorrow
                        Like to undo

                        • Jack Trea
                          Jack Trea  1 months back

                          Suck a cack fool things like you die bad

                      • Yaahboi52
                        Yaahboi52  1 months back

                        Bosa brothers are the modern day Jared Allen of the league.

                        • emisoccer •
                          emisoccer •  4 weeks back

                          Yaahboi52 cause he’s white

                        • Lucas Abner
                          Lucas Abner  1 months back

                          Zenigundam Michigan fan? Lmao Joey is a pro bowler the fuck you mean

                        • ツJook
                          ツJook  1 months back

                          +Zenigundam Shut your bitch ass up you wouldn't do shit punk 😂

                        • Zenigundam
                          Zenigundam  1 months back

                          Modern day? What did the Allen brothers play in the 40s or something? No, Joey is overrated and Nick is a lil bitch for quitting on his team and focusing on getting his NFL money. If I see Nick in person, I'm really gonna swing on his brute he pisses me off

                      • Noah Ballard
                        Noah Ballard  1 months back

                        Why do we always compare siblings 😂

                        • emisoccer •
                          emisoccer •  4 weeks back

                          Noah Ballard because they have very similar genes

                        • Anthony Arena
                          Anthony Arena  1 months back

                          +big money they also play exactly the same technique wise and move the same. They wear the same number if you put on both their college tape side by side you would not be able to tell who is who

                        • Jamil Johnson
                          Jamil Johnson  1 months back

                          It always a juicy story line for sports

                        • big money
                          big money  1 months back

                          Because unlike JJ Watt (6'5 300lbs) and TJ Watt (6'4 250lbs), the Bosa brothers are actually strikingly similar (both 6'3-6'4 and 265lbs) and both ran 4.7 40 yard dash

                        • JEFFREY
                          JEFFREY  1 months back

                          Because they are siblings 🤷‍♂️

                      • LeeTravius Mckay
                        LeeTravius Mckay  1 months back

                        To have two bosa brothers in the NFL is a blessing

                        • Jonathan D.
                          Jonathan D.  4 weeks back

                          To have two Bosa brothers in the same state is even more of a blessing!

                        • Christopher Alexander
                          Christopher Alexander  1 months back

                          +Castro Belize So what if someone supports Trump. Get over it.

                        • mike jones
                          mike jones  1 months back

                          +Castro Belize Correction: white people don't like you, Castro. Please go home to wherever you came from. Stay out of this great country.

                        • aron ra dillahunty for God
                          aron ra dillahunty for God  1 months back

                          +Castro Belize I grew up in Southern California 3rd generation American Both my Grandmothers were the 1st one's born in America . My father's 1st language was Spanish. My dad had white skin and blue eyes. He had to fight with his own people because they didn't like the way he looked. I have green eyes and white skin. I grew up fighting with my own people because they didn't like the way I looked. I wasn't Mexican enough for them because my skin wasn't dark enough. Prejudice comes from both sides, I'v experienced it with the white arians who do not like me because I am from Latino descent as well . Ask Canelo Alvarez he knows what I'm talking about. It's hard to be Mexican inside the Mexican community when you stick out With your white skin. So to be quite honest I get more hate from My so called "Gente" than I do white people. I have love and respect for Mexico I have a lot of family over there, but America comes 1st this is where my children and grandchildren are and where my great grand children will be.... America first today and tomorrow.

                        • aron ra dillahunty for God
                          aron ra dillahunty for God  1 months back

                          +Castro Belize Trump 2020 Build that wall And I'm Mexican American But you can just call me American.

                      • MagneticQubzian %
                        MagneticQubzian %  1 months back

                        Bosa celebrating Adolf's birthday

                        • mike jones
                          mike jones  1 months back

                          +MagneticQubzian % phuck off ladyboy. you know what you meant. you prob celebrating Caitlyn Jenner's bday you quiff.

                        • Jarvis Juice
                          Jarvis Juice  1 months back

                          MagneticQubzian % ...huh?

                        • MagneticQubzian %
                          MagneticQubzian %  1 months back

                          +mike jones Stupid ass comment, nobody is hating nor did I say he didn't have the right to

                        • mike jones
                          mike jones  1 months back

                          He has every right to do so. Quite hating.

                      • Zenigundam
                        Zenigundam  1 months back

                        Nick Bosa is a quitter who gave the middle finger to Ohio State mid-season. They didn't need him and they were just as good as Clemson and Alabama. Don't draft him, he's a loser. He doesn't care about Super Bowls, he wants money.

                        • Christopher Alexander
                          Christopher Alexander  4 weeks back

                          +Captain Crunch At least he doesn't support killing babies unlike the dumbass liberals you support and for your information, I'm not your brother. Just because we're both black, doesn't mean shit.

                        • Captain Crunch
                          Captain Crunch  4 weeks back

                          +mike jones Trump said Fuck the veterans family members by passing a tax bill that would decrease the amount of money deceased military members families would receive. Yes let's put on our MAGA hats and go talk to some of those family members.😎

                        • Captain Crunch
                          Captain Crunch  4 weeks back

                          +Christopher Alexander that great man you love has a passed a tax bill that increased on family members receiveing survivor benefit money for deceased military members. Great guy.😎

                        • Captain Crunch
                          Captain Crunch  1 months back

                          +mike jones tell Dictator Trump to get his head outta Ivanka's ass 😎.

                        • Captain Crunch
                          Captain Crunch  1 months back

                          +Christopher Alexander FUCK Trump brotha 😎

                      • Joel Galarza
                        Joel Galarza  1 months back