2019 NFL Draft DL prospects: Nick Bosa, Ed Oliver, Christian Wilkins and more | NFL on ESPN


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  • D Me
    D Me  1 months back

    Fuck Bosa....Trump ass-kissing mothafucka.

    • 49ers 6
      49ers 6  1 months back

      Bosa will be sliding.

      • Milton Butler
        Milton Butler  1 months back

        Monday Tuesday Wednesday Morning I Will Watch first take With molly qerim rose stephen a smith and max kellerman Thursday And Friday Morning I Will Not Watch First Take Starring will cain And I Will Not Watch #nfldraft2019

        • Brian Richards
          Brian Richards  1 months back

          Just disrespect my man josh Allen like that fuck u Espn

          • ThA MAN C MAcK
            ThA MAN C MAcK  1 months back

            BOSA supposeda

            • ThA MAN C MAcK
              ThA MAN C MAcK  1 months back

              FYI I only said that comment for the fun of saying Bosa supposeda

          • Adonis
            Adonis  1 months back

            I wouldn't touch Bosa with a ten foot pole. His father was always hurt, his brother is always hurt and he is always hurt. Great football player but he won't last 5 years.

            • Ben Lichaa
              Ben Lichaa  1 months back

              Josh Allen better than all these guys

              • C Smith
                C Smith  1 months back

                Bosa will have an injury riddled career

                • MyLife
                  MyLife  1 months back

                  Daily reminder that Nick Bosa is a racist white boy!!

                  • T T
                    T T  1 months back

                    Any team that has a bad defense this draft is perfect for them

                    • ThA MAN C MAcK
                      ThA MAN C MAcK  1 months back

                      T T
                      Lions better get a D for once.
                      Give Stafford a chance.


                  • LeeTravius Mckay
                    LeeTravius Mckay  1 months back

                    This is a deep defensive draft class

                    • Zenigundam
                      Zenigundam  1 months back

                      Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver quit on their teams and only care about millions. If the Jets somehow got either of them, I'd show up to a game just to knock whoever it is out.

                      • Lindles J
                        Lindles J  1 months back

                        Think Williams loves Oliver

                      • Tyler Keogh
                        Tyler Keogh  1 months back

                        They're probably gonna take either Josh Allen or Quinnen Williams. Both those dudes are really good.

                    • dre121bmore
                      dre121bmore  1 months back

                      I just don’t get the hype for clelin I just see him as a below average guy at the next level

                      • dre121bmore
                        dre121bmore  1 months back

                        Simple X. Yo got beat by some guy from nortedame

                      • Simple X.
                        Simple X.  1 months back

                        He's the real deal dude.

                    • PICKLE RICK
                      PICKLE RICK  1 months back

                      Nick bosa is overrated af. Typical ESPN riding on someone's dick

                      • Bearboy193
                        Bearboy193  1 months back

                        Christian Wilkins can play RB.

                        • Brian Janssen
                          Brian Janssen  1 months back

                          Bosa will be a Busta

                          • Willie Taggart
                            Willie Taggart  1 months back

                            Show the highlight of Wilkins wear he fondled that dudes nuts and then squeezes the shit out of them lmaooo

                            • pickle ell
                              pickle ell  1 months back

                              Jj watt needs to go to a good team, I need him to win a ring

                              • ThA MAN C MAcK
                                ThA MAN C MAcK  1 months back

                                pickle ell
                                Yea. For sure.

                              • pickle ell
                                pickle ell  1 months back

                                +ThA MAN C MAcK age is catching up to him now i really hope he just moves to a contender, but he's making big bucks with the texans

                              • ThA MAN C MAcK
                                ThA MAN C MAcK  1 months back

                                pickle ell
                                He needs to go to the Lions so they can have a D being lead by Watt and Stafford can show what he’s made of.

                                Hard to win a lot of games when your D is constantly & consistently giving the lead up.

                                JJ Watt is the type of leader that can go and make that D Good enough instantly.

                            • simon perez
                              simon perez  1 months back