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  • Sean Pearson
    Sean Pearson  40 minutes back

    *Ah Shit, Here We Go Again...*

    • Glorina Parong
      Glorina Parong  55 minutes back



      • Cyan Life
        Cyan Life  1 hours back

        My biggest fear is this, if BaTIM was a success what affect will it have the new game

        • BeastCreeper 111
          BeastCreeper 111  2 hours back

          0:52 did u see it?

          • Oaliuzzaman Taib
            Oaliuzzaman Taib  2 hours back

            Wow that's awesome and cool at the same time

            • Blue _Spartan
              Blue _Spartan  2 hours back

              So is it telling us to pick a side

              The demon or angel

              • Фахертикс FaHeRtIx

                Wtf!?I WANT IT

                • Join us Join us
                  Join us Join us  2 hours back

                  0:52 play in slow motion

                  • Isaiah P.
                    Isaiah P.  2 hours back

                    Welp, time to break the cycle

                    • FreshBaked Potato
                      FreshBaked Potato  2 hours back

                      Maybe this chapter can tell us what the hell happened at the end of the game :0/

                      • farouk kendouci
                        farouk kendouci  2 hours back


                        • Kyla Animate's
                          Kyla Animate's  2 hours back

                          *is mentally having a heath attack because is excited with this game*

                          • Gacha Flex
                            Gacha Flex  3 hours back


                            • Blocky Sniper
                              Blocky Sniper  3 hours back

                              "the choices you make" is skybound in on this? a new telltale type game?

                              • Czean Florendo
                                Czean Florendo  3 hours back

                                My only question is WHO revived WHO?

                                • Angry şempaze Brawl stars

                                  2018: oh its over ok
                                  2 0 1 9 : YEAH BABY WOOOOO ANOTHER LONG BENDY GAME WOOOOOOOO

                                  • shadow dragon
                                    shadow dragon  4 hours back

                                    FUCK YES!

                                    • James Knight
                                      James Knight  4 hours back

                                      ‘The choices you make..’
                                      Detroit Become Human bendy edition ?

                                      • RBGuy17 17
                                        RBGuy17 17  4 hours back

                                        When is it gonna come out?

                                        • Srija Saha
                                          Srija Saha  4 hours back

                                          I love how the entire comment section is filled with memes.

                                          • Srija Saha
                                            Srija Saha  5 hours back

                                            Me : Ah, so the Bendy franchise is finally over!
                                            Joey Drew Studios : Well yes, but actually no.

                                            • Kitty Cat
                                              Kitty Cat  5 hours back


                                              • AvenMai
                                                AvenMai  5 hours back

                                                Devs: "Its not a prequel or a sequal or Bendy2"
                                                Also Devs: "Bendy and the Dark Revival" "Bendy and the" "Bendy..." "BENDY..."

                                                • Midnight_Daylight
                                                  Midnight_Daylight  5 hours back

                                                  ITS BACK BABY WOO

                                                  • ItzCookieHere 21
                                                    ItzCookieHere 21  5 hours back

                                                    I Love You!! ^^

                                                    • Ethan Sung
                                                      Ethan Sung  6 hours back

                                                      Maybe it’s a pvp related game with two groups the angels and the demons

                                                      • black flame
                                                        black flame  6 hours back

                                                        OH SHIT BOYS ITS BACK

                                                        • Clockwork Bliss
                                                          Clockwork Bliss  6 hours back

                                                          *comes in late to the party* W-WHAT?

                                                          • Faz Fazbear
                                                            Faz Fazbear  6 hours back

                                                            Bendy is Back In this year!!!

                                                            • Donald Pig
                                                              Donald Pig  6 hours back

                                                              Why not the whole game this time

                                                              • hobjila claudiu
                                                                hobjila claudiu  7 hours back

                                                                Please put the original bendy, not the demon bendy or ink just the normal cute one

                                                                • Destiny
                                                                  Destiny  7 hours back

                                                                  "But one thing always remains...
                                                                  ...the choices you make."
                                                                  Toby Fox: "Not anymore!"

                                                                  • Cyber Flame
                                                                    Cyber Flame  7 hours back


                                                                    • EC Gamer
                                                                      EC Gamer  7 hours back

                                                                      Henry:oh shit here we go again, worst place in the world joey drew studios, i've never represented in this studio for 30 years, but Bendy dont give a shit

                                                                      • Feverin
                                                                        Feverin  8 hours back

                                                                        kk thx, very cool.

                                                                        • Flying Flanker
                                                                          Flying Flanker  8 hours back

                                                                          “There will be no sequel” my butt

                                                                          • Jai Mc
                                                                            Jai Mc  9 hours back

                                                                            Alican: one thing always remains, the choices you make
                                                                            Me: ...
                                                                            Game: *Jai will remember that*

                                                                            • dafhne aurora chavez roman


                                                                              • Sai Does things
                                                                                Sai Does things  9 hours back

                                                                                Henry: Joey you made it again !? You made bendy again when I just killed him... Well kinda when a flashing light killed him
                                                                                But why did you made another bendy with a voice should he be nice or evil just again in the 1st studio you trapped me with Thomas and Well.... It's a long story just please don't make me do the thanks snap on you too

                                                                                • Rhianna Shepherd
                                                                                  Rhianna Shepherd  9 hours back

                                                                                  HOLY CRAP ON A STICK YES YES YES THIS IS IT THE DAY HAS COME YEAH BABY LETS GET THE SPOOKS ON!!!

                                                                                  • Yeet teeY
                                                                                    Yeet teeY  9 hours back

                                                                                    The guy at 0:52 looks like the piper enemy if you look closely

                                                                                    • TheFlashBoy 68
                                                                                      TheFlashBoy 68  9 hours back

                                                                                      You can kinda see someone at 0:53 and pause it

                                                                                      • EL1TE K1LLS
                                                                                        EL1TE K1LLS  9 hours back

                                                                                        THANK YOUUU

                                                                                        • ThatSkell
                                                                                          ThatSkell  9 hours back


                                                                                          Satan boris or alice is beac

                                                                                          • Tangerine SKICEWING
                                                                                            Tangerine SKICEWING  9 hours back

                                                                                            Me: man....I finished Batim and all of the gameplays seem to be the same. I now have nothing to go crazy and to be excited about...

                                                                                            °Bendy and the Dark Revival°
                                                                                            Me: oh my inky lord of animation....I'M BACK IN THE BENDY FANDOM!!! WHERE ARE MY PEEPS AT?!?!?!?!?!?

                                                                                            • Freddy Simpson 2 Official

                                                                                              Chapter 1 Free "Demo"?

                                                                                              • Elafi Milo
                                                                                                Elafi Milo  10 hours back

                                                                                                I loved BATIM. I themed my whole Purim around it. Thank you for giving us a new Bendy game!

                                                                                                • Kate Stardream
                                                                                                  Kate Stardream  10 hours back

                                                                                                  Shh, do you hear that?
                                                                                                  It's the sound of DAGames and MatPat screaming